About PMG

Physical Medicine Group was established to build the European leader within physical therapy with unconditional focus on quality care to patients and being in the forefront within the profession.

PMG has carefully hand-picked strong brands

PMG has since its inception in 2020 grown from 29 at the initial set up, to 110 clinics today, spread strategically in Sweden and Norway. The group today has more than 500 therapists and performs more than 700,000 treatments annually.

PMG has carefully hand-picked strong brands that are at the forefront of their field, with a dedicated management team and employees with exceptional competence and drive. For patients searching for care with their muscle and joint related issues, PMG- clinics will be a natural selection  with a high quality client journey from A to Z. For existing brands that are competitors of our brands, Physical Medicine Group stands out as the option for M&A when the owners seek to further professionalise their product and take part of the journey to take their clinics and manual medicine to the next level


Physical Medicine Group shall be the leader in the field of physical medicine in Northern Europe through helping people reach their health goals as pain free and functionally in their daily life.

The Market

Our current markets today are Sweden and Norway, helping those that suffer with musculoskeletal aches and pains and maximizing their health potential. 


The organisation believes that we have a responsibility and actively work to maintain a very low footprint environmentally, but a strong footprint regarding leadership and organisational health.

Human Rights

As a larger enterprise in Norway, Physical Medicine Group is obliged to comply with the new Norwegian Transparency Act.

The Transparency Act, which is a human rights act, aims to promote respect for fundamental human rights and decent working conditions, as well as to ensure the public access to information. The group has carried out the assessments related to the Transparency Act in 2023 and will continuously update the assessments if necessary.

We have prepared this statement and the assessments related to the Transparency Act have also been added to the board agenda of the group’s parent company. As part of the process, we have reviewed and risk assessed all our suppliers, which is something we will do annually or if necessary more frequently in the future.

Should there be any questions about the statement, please contact us at: regnskap@physicalmedicine.no

Key information about the business

Physical Medicine Group is the market-leading supplier of physical manual therapy treatments in Northern Europe with approx. 500 therapists spread over approx. 120 clinics located in Sweden and Norway. The group has a strong focus on quality treatments to patients and aims to always attract the best therapists. Physical Medicine Holding AS is the parent company in the group and the group’s operations are conducted in the following wholly owned companies:

· Klinikk for Alle AS 

· Naprapatlandslaget Norge AS 

· Eureka Kiropraktikk Norge AS 

· Naprapatlandslaget MED AB 

· Muskelcentrum Uppsala AB 

· Betterhealth Sweden AB (brand name The Clinic) 

· Eureka Kiropraktik AB


This is the first year we have carried out assessments based on the Norwegian Transparency Act, and going forward the assessments will be adjusted based on yearly evaluations.

The group mainly purchases goods and services from suppliers in Norway and Sweden. These countries are so-called “green” countries with low risk, ref. “The Global Rights Index”. The purchases mainly consist of services from hired therapists, rent and other services.

We have made an overview of all suppliers and categorized them according to risk. We have sorted the suppliers by size and then assessed the risk based first on geographic location followed by industry.

Source: https://www.globalrightsindex.org/en/2022/countries

Information about findings

The assessments that have been made based on the risk-based screening have not resulted in any negative findings and have not indicated the need for follow-up or measures.

Our policy states that we shall carry out a survey of all new suppliers and partners before entering into new agreements. We have implemented a separate checklist to be reviewed in connection with this survey. 

Although we have not identified any suppliers with other than low risk, the work with the assessments has made us more aware. This awareness is something we will benefit from in the process of improving the group’s work with the Transparency Act.

The board, policies and guidelines

The company’s board is responsible for the group’s compliance with the requirements of the new Transparency Act. The Transparency Act will be a regular topic at board meetings in the group’s parent company. The experiences we have gained in this year’s implementation of the assessments will help us improve the group’s policies and guidelines going forward.

PMG management team

Fredrik Lagerkvist

Fredrik Lagerkvist


Prev. CEO of Textilia

Jesper Ask

Executive Vice President & Director Business Development

Prev. Founder and CEO of Naprapatlandslaget

Erik Gustafsson

Country Manager Sweden

Prev. Founder and Head of Sweden of Naprapatlandslaget

Ole A. Haslestad

Chief Professional Development

Prev. Founder and CMO of Naprapatlandslaget

Jannike Pedersen

Jannike Pedersen

Country Manager Norway

Experience from SATS Elixia and Nike


Mats Gunnarsson


Prev. CFO Memira

Cecilia Tjernström


Prev. Leading marketing positions in Steen & Ström and Nokia

Johan Söderström

Johan Söderström

Business Development Sweden

Prev. CEO of Muskelcentrum

Human Rights